About TIDE

The flow of the TIDE. Expressing the flow of emotions found in the foundation of craftsmanship, products that influence trends.

Our company is located in Higashikagawa, the easternmost city in the Kagawa Prefecture facing the Seto Inland Sea. The area is famous for glove production, with a production share of over 90% in Japan.  We have manufactured a wide variety of high quality patchwork applied bags using techniques born from leather glove production. However, the current trend is moving towards simpler low cost products. We chose to make our prided patchwork technique a brand symbol and launched a product brand that challenges the flow of future craftsmanship not to change and keep making high quality products.

Our outlook on challenge is revealed in the negative and positive

Normally a logo’s negative and positive use the same design, we chose to reveal our outlook on future challenges by showing the day before the new moon in the negative space.

Focusing on the details

A brand that challanges to create rather then going with the flow.
Creating a flow within the details with the warmth of A-BAN KOUGEI.

One of a kind patchwork designs born from the leather craftsmanship of Higashikagawa

Expression through patchwork

The cut leather is patched togheter by a highly trained artisans hand, piece by piece. The pattern that appears from the meticulous sewing work shows the flow of the tide and topography of the Setouchi area surrounding Higashikagawa. With a design that not only show our passion for craftsmanship but can only be realized here.

MADE IN JAPAN Domestic handbag manufacturing

A-BAN KOUGEI has a history of more than 60 years. Founded as a local glove manufacturing company, currently focusing on leather bags that make use of techniques learned from making gloves, continuing production while being comitted to Made in Japan. Our well-balanced staff is filled with skilled craftsmen and passionate youth, working hard every day while raising each others skill.