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TIDE -The TIDE is turning-


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The TIDE is turning

TIDE's Online Shop will be open for 3 days at the end of the month

This month's sale starts in:

This month's sales period: 1/29 21:00 to 1/31 21:00

About TIDE

A trajectory of hesitation and challenges drawn by "TIDE"

I want people to create new "TIDE'' with their own hands by overcoming their own hesitations and conflicts through their own challenges. This is a leather brand born from such thoughts.


藤巻百貨店流クラウドファンディング「STUNNING JAPAN」

Fujimaki Department Store style crowdfunding “STUNNING JAPAN”

To commemorate TIDE's rebranding, we will be taking on the challenge of crowdfunding "STUNNING JAPAN" at Fujimaki Department Store. This is a new SETOUCHI model exclusive to Fujimaki Department St...

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How to contact us

For inquiries about TIDE, please use the official LINE account. In addition to making inquiries, you can also register for an official LINE account to receive sales information and useful new featu...

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Online Shopリニューアルのお知らせ

Notice of Online Shop renewal

TIDE's Online Shop has been renewed. Thank you for your continued support of TIDE.

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