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Article: [ARTIDE Vol.2] PRESS RELEASE [Isetan Shinjuku POPUP 10/27~]

【ARTIDE Vol.2】PRESS RELEASE  [伊勢丹新宿POPUP 10/27~]

[ARTIDE Vol.2] PRESS RELEASE [Isetan Shinjuku POPUP 10/27~]

The second press release of ``ARTIDE'', a project that challenges new expression through the fusion of art and craft brands, has been announced.

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In the first part of ARTIDE, we announced the product together with five artists on the crowdfunding Makuake in November 2020, and received a great response, with the number sold out in about 40 minutes after the launch.

In the second round, in addition to the four artists who participated in the first round, two new artists selected through a public recruitment process have been decided to participate.

We will be holding a POPUP at the Isetan Shinjuku store from October 27th to November 2nd, 2021, so we hope you will come and visit us.

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【POPUP】いよてつ高島屋 「ものづくりの聖地 瀬戸内展」

[POPUP] Iyotetsu Takashimaya “Sacred place of manufacturing Setouchi exhibition”

TIDEL will also be exhibiting together with Setouchi Makers at the "Sacred Land of Manufacturing Setouchi Exhibition" to be held at the 7th floor exhibition venue of Iyotetsu Takashimaya from Septe...

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[POPUP] Takamatsu Mitsukoshi (November 19th to 25th)

We will be opening a store in Takamatsu Mitsukoshi together with the men's fur brand "SHINGI" from Kagawa Prefecture. During the exhibition period, we will be holding a color order event for each ...

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