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Article: [TIDE DAY] “SMART WALLET” sales start today!

【TIDE DAY】本日より“SMART WALLET(スマートウォレット)”販売開始!

[TIDE DAY] “SMART WALLET” sales start today!

Today is "TIDE DAY".
The day before the new moon, which is the origin of TIDE's logo.
We named that day "TIDE DAY."
Every month on TIDE DAY, we release and announce items, projects, events, and content that will create an opportunity to turn the tide and empower everyone.

This TIDE DAY, we would like to announce the release of our new product "SMART WALLET".

We recommend this smart wallet for minimalists who want to keep only the bare essentials in their wallets, and it's compact in size yet has an original look. He is the best partner to easily turn the tables. Available in three colors: the most popular Black, the popular unisex Ivory, and the classic Navy.

We have a special page and product page, so please take a look.

▶︎ Click here for the special page

▶︎Click here for SMART WALLET product page

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[ARTIDE second edition decided! ] Open recruitment for new participating artists starts, POPUP will be held from 10/27

The second edition of ARTIDE has been decided! In the second round, we will be recruiting new artists in addition to the four people who participated in the first round. In addition, we have dec...

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【期間限定出店 東京銀座】2021年5月22日(土)オープンの「モノづくり」D2Cブランドが集結する1年限定の店舗「The Crafted GINZA」に出展します。

[Limited-time store opening in Ginza, Tokyo] We will be exhibiting at “The Crafted GINZA,” a one-year-only store that will open on Saturday, May 22, 2021 and will bring together “manufacturing” D2C brands.

TIDE will be exhibiting as the first brand of “The Crafted GINZA”, a showroom and members-only coworking space in Ginza, Tokyo, which will open on Saturday, May 22, 2021. This is a rare opportunit...

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