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Italian Shrink Leather
(Italian shrink leather)

The main material used in TIDE is cowhide leather tanned in Italy, the home of leather.

It has a soft and fluffy feel and the beautiful coloring that is unique to Italian leather. One of its features is its elegant luster. The surface is embossed with a fine pattern that resembles the texture of the skin, giving it a uniform beauty and softness.

The material, which is beautiful enough as it is, is intentionally cut in a complex way.
Patchwork using leather glove processing technology created a feel and design that will make you want to touch it forever.

Puller & Zipper
(Attention to pulls and zippers)

The handles used in our products are original, made from molds and engraved with the brand. It was created with the brand's initial letter "T" in mind.

In addition, the zipper uses YKK's highest quality "Excera".
Smooth zipper with carefully polished entire surface of each element.

(Attention to lining fabric)

Among the many lining fabrics, TIDE selected microlight suede silicone wash, a high-quality material that is comfortable to the touch. The fabric is made with ultra-fine thread and has a nice texture. We want you to feel the comfort when you touch the interior of the bag.