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Article: Fujimaki Department Store's custom-made "WIDE TOTE Deep Sea Model" is now on limited sale

藤巻百貨店別注『WIDE TOTE 深海モデル』が限定販売開始

Fujimaki Department Store's custom-made "WIDE TOTE Deep Sea Model" is now on limited sale

From the "WIDE TOTE SETOUCHI" model, which was sold exclusively to Fujimaki Department Store from New Year 2020 and has continued to sell out , a new super-custom " DEEP SETOUCHI" model has been born that invites you to the deep sea of ​​taste and coolness.


In fact, this "SETOUCHI" color was originally created by Fujimaki Department Store's chief buyer who fell in love with the "TIDE pattern" and begged for a custom production. When we consulted on a color scheme that would make the most of the patchwork, based on the concept of the ebb and flow of the tides in the Seto Inland Sea, Fujimaki Blue was a perfect match.

And this time, we pursue the magical power of this curvaceous beauty and dive into the deep sea of ​​"SETOUCHI". After much trial and error, this super custom color was born.

Sales start: January 3, 2021

Price: 98,000 yen (excluding tax)
Quantity: Limited to 15 pieces

Please see here for details.

* Photography: Fujimaki Department Store

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Today, on December 14th, TIDE DAY, we will announce the start of serialization of TIDE/ARTIDE interview articles, which will be new content. The serialization is scheduled to start in late December.

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