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Article: [TIDE DAY] [Preview] TIDE/ARTIDE interview articles start to be serialized

【TIDE DAY】[予告] TIDE・ARTIDEインタビュー記事が連載開始

[TIDE DAY] [Preview] TIDE/ARTIDE interview articles start to be serialized

Today is "TIDE DAY" .
The day before the new moon, which is the origin of TIDE's logo.
We named that day "TIDE DAY."
Every month on TIDE DAY, we release and announce items, projects, events, and content that will create an opportunity to turn the tide and empower everyone.

Today, on December 14th, TIDE DAY, we will announce the start of serialization of TIDE/ARTIDE interview articles, which will be new content. The serialization is scheduled to start in late December.

①TIDE interview “Style with TIDE”

In this series, we invite TIDE users and people who have turned the tables on us as guests to talk about lifestyle, product selection, and TIDE items.

The first performer will be comedian Hidetsugu Shibata from the comedy duo Untouchable.
Some of us are actually TIDE users.

We asked Mr. Shibata, who is very busy on TV and radio, about his lifestyle, his point of view when choosing things, and why he chose TIDE.

During the interview, Mr. Shibata was very cool as he answered sincerely from beginning to end, and the interviewer also had a lot of laughter throughout the interview.

Please look forward to it.
*Released in late December 2020

②ARTIDE interview “ARTIDE After Talk”

ARTIDE recently released the project's first item, ``Multi-Compact Wallet,'' through crowdfunding Makuake.

TIDE director Utsumi visited the up-and-coming artists who participated in this project and spoke with them about their feelings and memories during the process of the project, which had the theme of "fusion of art and local industry." I had a lot of fun talking with the artists, and even came up with secret development stories (!?) that I can only share now.

Please look forward to this as well.
*Sequentially released from January 2021

■Artists *In alphabetical order

Chiharu Kihara

Kenji Shimizu

Mr. Yohei Sugita

Issei Suzuki *Photo will be replaced at a later date

Mr. Kosuke Motohashi


One of the days when the swell is at its peak is a new moon (the other is a full moon).
TIDE aims to be a brand that stands ahead of the oncoming swell.
The TIDE symbol represents the moon one day before the new moon.

Every month, we designate the day before the new moon as "TIDE DAY," and we release and announce items, projects, events, and content that will turn the tide and empower everyone.

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