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Article: [TIDE DAY] ARTIDE interview/new article released

【TIDE DAY】ARTIDEインタビュー・新着記事公開

[TIDE DAY] ARTIDE interview/new article released

Today is "TIDE DAY".
The day before the new moon, which is the origin of TIDE's logo.
We named that day "TIDE DAY."
Every month on TIDE DAY, we release and announce items, projects, events, and content that will create an opportunity to turn the tide and empower everyone.

Today, on TIDE DAY, February 11th, we will introduce the new article of the ARTIDE interview currently being serialized [ARTIDE After Talk② - Edited by Kosuke Motohashi].

Last November, TIDE director Utsumi visited Mr. Motohashi, one of the artists participating in ARTIDE, in his atelier, and we talked about his memories of the ARTIDE project and the thought process he went through until the product was completed.

This content will give you a deeper understanding of the ``Multi-Compact Wallet'' we created this time.
Please take a look at the product page as well.

ARTIDE interview articles are currently being published from Chiharu Kihara to Kosuke Motohashi. Participating artists will continue to appear in the future, so please look forward to it.

■ARTIDE After Talk
② - Edited by Kosuke Motohashi
List of articles

■ARTIDE multi-compact wallet
Multi Compact Wallet-MOTOHASHI KOSUKE
ARTIDE product list


One of the days when the swell is at its peak is a new moon (the other is a full moon).
TIDE aims to be a brand that stands ahead of the oncoming swell.
The TIDE symbol represents the moon one day before the new moon.

Every month, we designate the day before the new moon as "TIDE DAY," and we release and announce items, projects, events, and content that will empower you and create opportunities to turn the tide.

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【TIDE DAY】「東京ギフト・ショーLIFE×DESIGN」出展と新商品発表が決定

[TIDE DAY] “Tokyo Gift Show LIFE×DESIGN” exhibit and new product announcement decided

Today, at TIDE DAY on January 12th, we would like to inform you that we will be exhibiting at the "Tokyo Gift Show LIFE×DESIGN" and announcing new products. The serialization is scheduled to start...

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[TIDE DAY] Scheduled to start selling in late March: BUSINESS CARD HOLDER

At TIDE DAY today, March 12th, we will show you a little bit of three products that we have been developing. Of the three products, "BUSINESS CARD HOLDER" is scheduled to go on sale in late March....

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