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24/45 TOTE (Taupe)

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*As this is a made-to-order item, delivery will take approximately one month after ordering. *To receive sales start notifications and for inquiries, please use the " Official LINE account "

A tote bag perfect for everyday use with an eye-catching design. A tote that lets your personality shine in a wide range of situations, from business to casual.

[Product features]
・The handle is hard to break by inserting the core material firmly all the way to the base.

・You can store more luggage by removing the hooks on both sides.
・Using 5 tall studs on the bottom makes it difficult for the leather part to touch the ground.
・The bottom core has a two-layer structure to improve cushioning.

【Product Details】
Size: Height 30.5 x Width 50 x Width 15.5 (cm)
Weight: 900g
Material: Domestic cowhide
Country of origin: Japan

Open pocket x 2 / zipper pocket x 1

24/45 TOTE (Taupe)
24/45 TOTE (Taupe) Sale price¥143,000





Why TIDE is made to order

Why TIDE is made to order

Our products are made up of a huge number of parts, including TIDE Pattern. Also, since it is highly difficult and only a few craftsmen can make it, there is a limit to the number that can be made.
In order to eliminate waste in production quantities and to be able to produce items with the person who will receive them in mind, TIDE's signature line is made to order for a limited period of three days at the end of each month .


Materials carefully selected by TIDE

All materials that make up TIDE, including leather, lining, and metal fittings, are carefully selected one by one. We will introduce the main materials here.

Original shrink leather


At TIDE, we use different leathers for the TIDE Pattern and other parts.
By intentionally adding contrast, the beauty of the TIDE Pattern stands out and the overall design is balanced.

The TIDE Pattern part uses TIDE's original leather "TIDE-Shrink", which is characterized by its matte texture and beautiful grain, and the attached part uses "Phantom", which is characterized by its transparency and moderate firmness.
Both of these leathers are high-quality domestic cow leather tanned in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.


Lining fabric

“Because this is a bag you use every day, we want you to feel comfortable every time you touch the interior.”

With this in mind, TIDE selected the high-quality microlight suede silicone wash from among the many lining fabrics available.
Woven using ultra-fine threads washed with silicone liquid, the fabric is extremely soft to the touch and has a nice texture.

Puller & Zipper

Commitment to pulls and zippers

TIDE uses the highest quality domestically produced metal fittings.
Nickel coating is applied to maintain the beautiful silver shine for a long time.

In particular, the handles (slider metal fittings) used in the product are original, made from molds and engraved with the brand.
By creating a recess that resembles the brand's motif of the moon, we have achieved both the expression of the brand identity and ease of grasping.
This is a carefully crafted part that incorporates the beautiful curves that characterize TIDE.