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Article: ARTIDE Issei Suzuki


ARTIDE Issei Suzuki

Born in Yokohama in 2001. He was the youngest to appear on BS Fuji's ``Break Eve ~Next Generation Artists~'', held his first solo exhibition while still in high school, and has since attracted attention for numerous collaborative projects.
The motifs in his paintings are political and social issues that touch his heart. I mix this with my own interpretation and express it by making extensive use of the three primary colors (blue-green, red-purple, and yellow).

He has held a total of seven exhibitions in 2019 and 2020, and has frequently appeared in the media, attracting attention from many art circles as a hope for young artists born in the 2000s.


Wallet Shoulder-SUZUKI ISSEI “No”

Multi Compact Wallet-SUZUKI ISSEI " #tide"

Why did I start expressing myself?

I don't remember why I started expressing myself or why I started drawing because I've been drawing since I was 3 or 4 years old, but it's so long ago that I want to portray the times through my works. I draw with the desire to provide the strongest fiction through art, such as wanting people to experience a strange sensation of comfort and discomfort.
I believe that when it comes to art, 100 people will see and perceive it differently, even if the message contained in the painting is clear. Therefore, since artists are entertainers, they express themselves from various angles.

What do you want to express with your work?

Through my work, I would like to express myself from multiple angles, centering on YellowMixture. First of all, YellowMixture is the same idea as the process by which yellow people form a culture in the process of creating works, and the idea is to transform various elements into your own interpretation and express them on a single screen. Through my solo exhibitions and works, I would like to express various social issues, questions, and edgy themes like HIPHOP.

What do you worry about other than spending time in front of your work?

When I'm not creating works, I reset my mind and collect information on media, such as music, movies, internet news, advertisements, and brand collections.
I also try to keep my ears open by watching art-related news and visiting artists' solo exhibitions.

What does it mean to express yourself?

Expressing something is something that all humans do.
However, as an artist, I feel that I want to express my originality by assimilating the contradictions and discomforts of being altruistic and selfish, pop and underground, etc. into my work.

Where does the future of expression lie?

I think the future of expression lies in the past.
This is because art and other trends are in a loop, changing with the times. Therefore, I feel that the past and present or future intersect, creating a web of expression. Therefore, I believe that humanity can follow this flow and use their individual expressions to intersect with the past and lead to future expressions.

What do you expect from an expression similar to TIDE?

In the case of paintings, I aim to integrate flat objects with things that people constantly come into contact with and a part of their daily lives.By doing so, I hope that art will become more familiar to people.
We also hope that even people who are not really interested in art in general will be able to realize the wonders of art through something like this.

<About ARTIDE Vol.2>
As the title suggests, this work is "Nothing", but the reason why it is not the usual "Untitled" is that when I was drawing this work, unlike other works, I was drawing it with the feeling of "Nothing". This is a work that incorporates his awareness and feelings towards his work in a very natural way.
I believe that this is one of the many elements of abstract expression.


Monkey Majik Blaise Plant Wine Seraphim 2018 Merlot Label Design [SYMBOL] ISSEI SUZUKI EXHIBITION (Sendai)
ARABAKI ROCK FES.20 (Collaboration Goods) Postponed to April 2021 BS Fuji “Break Eve ~Next Generation Artists~” Appearance [HASHTAG] ISSEI SUZUKI EXHIBITION (Kyobashi, Tokyo)
Solo exhibition “SYMPATHY” Fujisaki (Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture) Group exhibition “Aap 2021” Lloyd Works Gallery (Yushima, Tokyo)
Solo exhibition “Diversity” Lloyd Works Gallery (Yushima, Tokyo)
Group exhibition “One FACE” Lloyd Works Gallery (Yushima, Tokyo)
Group exhibition “WHITE 8 ROSE” MDP GALLERY (Nakameguro/Tokyo)

Group exhibition “Art and Pulse Exhibition” GALLERY A 8 T (Sendai/Miyagi Prefecture) Solo exhibition “Fusion” GALLERY A 8 T (Sendai/Miyagi Prefecture)
Group exhibition “The Eve of Break in Sendai” GALLERY A8T〈Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture)
In charge of label design for the first wine brewed by Monkey Majik's Blaise Plant (2019)
The youngest to appear on BS Fuji's "Break Eve ~ Next Generation Artists" (broadcast on February 25, 2020)
ARABAKI ROCK FES.20 goods collaboration
Participated as one of five artists in the project “ARTIDE” with leather brand TIDE.
Many media publications including Monthly Bijutsu, Art Collectors, Monthly Gallery, etc.

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