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Article: ARTIDE Multi Compact Wallet Product details information

ARTIDE Multi Compact Wallet 商品詳細のご案内

ARTIDE Multi Compact Wallet Product details information

ARTIDE is our new challenge of never giving up on expression.
We would like to introduce in detail the Multi Compact Wallet, which is a piece of "portable art" .

Multi Compact Wallet

A product made entirely of leather.

Can store business cards, cards, bills, coins, keys, etc. all at once.
With two card slots on the front and back, you can organize your cards by type, such as separating business cards into ones for yourself and those for others.
(*Bills can be stored by folding them.)

There is also a zippered pocket in the middle that can store coins and keys, making it small but has all the necessary functions.

It also comes with a removable key ring, so you can customize it to suit your style, such as attaching a larger car key.

Price ¥38,000 (+ tax)
Pre-sale starts at Makuake from 2pm on November 14th (Makuake sales are sold out)
*Product purchase page:

Limited quantity, each will be delivered with a serial number
The colors of the TIDE logo engraving, zippers, and other metal fittings are selected by the artist and will vary depending on the artist.

*Multi Compact Wallet-SHIMIZU KENJI does not have a zipper, but you can store coins etc. without any problems.
An original charm is also included.

Product specifications/materials

Country of origin: Japan Size: H8.5 x W11 x D2cm
Material: Italian leather

Art x Local Industry How Multi Compact Wallet was born

Artist draws TIDE's thoughts into the original painting

Artists will create original paintings based on what they feel about TIDE's ideas of ``turning the tide'' and ``never giving up on expression.''

TIDE, a brand born from local industry, puts original paintings into Multi Compact Wallet

TIDE carefully selects the leather based on the color and atmosphere of the artist's original painting and places it into a mini wallet.

The artist uses the Multi Compact Wallet as a canvas to create further expressions.

Artists create expressions on the Multi Compact Wallet. We aim to create new expressions by moving back and forth between artistic expression and local industry technology.

More details can be found on the artist page

You can view the products in more detail on the artist pages that focus on each artist, including interviews.
*Alphabetical order

Chiharu Kihara
Kenji Shimizu
Yohei Sugita
Issei Suzuki
Kosuke Motohashi

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