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Article: ARTIDE Vol.2 Participating artists introduction

ARTIDE Vol.2 参画アーティスト紹介

ARTIDE Vol.2 Participating artists introduction

We would like to introduce six artists who share the same passion as TIDE and who "never give up on expressing themselves" using the new canvas of leather products.

*Alphabetical order


Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1979. He aspired to be a painter from an early age, and continued painting on his own after dropping out of high school.
His first solo exhibition was held at Gallery Den (Tokyo) in 1999, and he has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions.
He depicts the "spirit of life" using motifs from the natural world such as animals and insects, making use of colors, shapes, and strokes. His dynamic works, which use not only tools but also his hands, elbows, and feet, leave a strong impression on people.

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Born in Mie Prefecture in 1993.
Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design.
Fascinated by the pattern of the artificial mineral Detroiter Gate, which was created by chance at an automobile factory in Detroit, USA, he has gained a reputation for his impactful works that combine the highly realistic technique of painting with the Detroiter Gate pattern drawn using a unique drawing method.
In recent years, he has continued to exhibit his work mainly in galleries in Tokyo.

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Born in 1971 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Completed the Department of Design, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.
Shimizu's works, which have participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, incorporate many classic elements of Japanese painting, such as cherry blossoms and Mt. It is none other than Bridley's presence.
The tin bird "Bridley" was born as a symbol of time while drawing many old toys. Not only are they used as cute toys, but they are also depicted in a variety of phantasmagoric forms, including phoenixes and Yatagarasu.
He is an artist who depicts the unique world of Bridley.

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Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting. Contemporary artist, painter. Active both domestically and internationally. In addition to creating a wide range of bold and ambitious works, from abstract paintings to figurative paintings, he has transcended genres by participating in Amazon Prime Video's "Bachelorette Japan Season 1," appearing on NEWSPICKS, and serving as an enthusiastic commentator on forbesjapan and TOKYO mx5. Appeared in various media. Active as a new icon in the art scene. Selected as “100 People Changing Japan in 2021”.

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Issei Suzuki (SUZUKI ISSEI)

Born in Yokohama in 2001. He was the youngest to appear on BS Fuji's ``Break Eve ~Next Generation Artists~'', held his first solo exhibition while still in high school, and has since attracted attention for numerous collaborative projects.
The motifs in his paintings are political and social issues that touch his heart. I mix this with my own interpretation and express it by making extensive use of the three primary colors (blue-green, red-purple, and yellow).

He has held a total of seven exhibitions in 2019 and 2020, and has frequently appeared in the media, attracting attention from many art circles as a hope for young artists born in the 2000s.

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Born in Tokyo in 1990
2013 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Major in Oil Painting
I create works based on my interests and questions born from my surroundings and conversations. He mainly publishes many pictorial expressions that convey people's intentions.
Since my solo exhibition ``Additions to Traces'' held in the fall of 2020, in which I drew on the belongings of others, my interest in ``the people living right in front of my eyes'' has become even stronger, and I am currently focusing on how these people live their lives. He composes them into parts of his works and repeatedly records (creates) them in real time as a form of the world.
He agrees with the words ``to live is to paint,'' which has been said by numerous painters, and works every day in his atelier.
A solo exhibition is scheduled for spring 2022 in Japan (Tokyo) and China.

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